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The Flower of Life informs all possible right triangle configurations of factorization as a inherency of its wave intersections.

Just as we saw in a prior (Instagram) post regarding Nature’s Ruler formed solely from the Flower of Life, we are now seeing that the wave intersections of the Flower of Life are also informing the precise location of Pythagorean Right Triangles comprised of whole integers for sides A and C. This therefore allows for yet ANOTHER entirely NEW Prime Factorization methodology using only ONE circle whose Diameter is the Square Root value of the number whose prime factors you wish to identify.

In the above case, the number we wish to find the prime factors of is 253, therefore the height of the Right Triangle (and our ONE Circle Flower of Life Circle Diameter) is 253^.5 (which is the square root of 253 = 15.90597372 = ONE Circle Diameter). The only Right Triangle that will possess TWO WHOLE number values for both the Base and the Hypotenuse will have the following proportional dimensions: Side A (Base) = 6 and Side C (Hypotenuse) = 17. The two prime factors are derived simply as follows: Side C – Side A = x (=11); AND Side C + Side A = y (=23). And 11 x 23 = 253.

Note the small circles signifying at least two circular intersections thus informing the precise line segment placement of the Hypotenuse (and, as an extension, the relevant angular measures for both θ 7.662°; and β degree values 82.338°) –again, all of this information was obtaining using only ONE equal diameter (circle) value (informing the length of Side B) to locate the relevant wave intersections and identify the other two sides of the Right Triangle and by extension identify its two prime factors (in a deterministic manner).

It is quite astounding that all current Public Key encryptions (both RSA and ECC) rely on this formerly exponential time complexity equation (called a discrete logarithm). PS: Please try this out on a Right Triangle Calculator (at at home….and don’t forget your compass and ruler.

Illustration by RG.