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Discovery of the characteristics of the Heptagonal Logarithmic Spiral.
The Heptagonal Logarithmic Base Value: 1.11. (The Right Triangle within this structure will possess proportions whereby the Hypotenuse value is 1.11 (1.1099) the length of the Right Triangle’s Height). Therefore, each “hour” position of the Mod14 Spiral (ie 14 Hour Clock/Wheel) will have a Radius value of 1.11^n; where n = a whole number (or fraction thereof for smaller fractal segmentations spiral inwardly toward the center: “logarithms”). Eg: 1.11^2 = 1.2321; 1.11^3 = 1.367631 (*Note the prominent Palindromic Mirroring effect for the 2 and 3 o’clock positions in Mod14…..*Note also the convergence of Euler Base Log values: at Heptagonal (1.11^n) Base 1.11^2 = Log e^1/4.8; 1.11^4 = Log e^1/2.4; 1.11^8 = Log e^1/1.2; and 1.11^16 = Log e^1/.6……thus demonstrating the Duodecimal and Decimal Correspondent relationship between the two base values of Euler and the Heptagon.