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NEW DECRYPTION OF LEONARDO’S VITRUVIAN MAN (‘VM’): Recall that the Spiral of Theodorus holds significant placement correspondences with the VM. One lingering thing that has confounded both Alan Green and myself was the reason why the VM’s head seemed to be perfectly flanked by the Root24 and Root26 lines…..this held particular significance for Alan as the foundational encryption he found in Shakespeare’s collective works of Sonnets and Plays is the number 624 (and 426). Further, John Dee’s Enochian Tables were famously arranged in a 24 x 26 grid pattern yielding 624 Total Enochian letters, (which complete understanding we have not as yet been able to decipher). It should be noted that John Dee, Edward DeVere, and Francis Bacon were all prominent Renaissance Rosicrucians (RosTau-Rose Cross).

Last night, I discovered that fellow Renaissance Rosicrucian Leonardo Da Vinci also encrypted this EXACT PROPORTIONAL RATIO into the VM also (From Circle Top to bottom Square Corner). The Relationship is as follows: Hypotenuse of 26 versus Height of 24 will possess a base of 1. Their mirrored inverse values 1/.24 for the Hypotenuse, 1/.26 for the Height yields: 1/.624 for the Base!

This means that the number 624 holds some kind of ONE-NESS characteristic through its inverse mirrored reflection/s. And this could ONLY have been accomplished by a perfect balancing of the Da Vinci Circle (representing the Feminine) and the Da Vinci Square (the Masculine): The Perfect Alchemical Union/Marriage of Balanced Energies. When we equilibrate the Radius of the Da Vinci Circle = 4.32 inches, the Height of the Right Triangle is 8.64 inches, it’s Hypotenuse is 9.36 (!!), and its Base is 3.6. Therefore 3.6 x 2.4 = 8.64 and 3.6 x 2.6 = 9.36……🤔..

Finally, Secondly, when the Height is 1/.26 and the Hypotenuse is 1/.24, the number 1/.26 the Height value yields a MOST Unique number as relates to Circles: 1/.26 = 3.846153846153846……And .3846153846153846*(360°) = 138.46153846153846….


Had I not known that Right Triangles are the geometric representation both the Sum and the Product of integers…..

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