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How much of the Universe can we FATHOM? A fathom is a unit of length in the imperial measurements equal to 6 feet (1.828 m; interestingly (8^1/2)-1…), used especially for measuring the depth of WATER. The original sense was ‘something which embraces’, ‘the outstretched arms’; hence, a unit of measurement based on the span of the outstretched arms, standardized to six feet. In other words, the “Embraceable (or ‘Knowable’ Universe”; what we can comprehend versus what was ‘unfathomable’ for the ‘Unknown Universe’). You may recall my work to decrypt Leonardo’s ‘Vitruvian Man’, which among other things, pointed to the ushering in of the Age of Aquarius and namely that the Square’s unique proportions pointed precisely to a Pentagon’s exact inscribing within the Circle and the Hexagon informing the outer Square.

This combination of Hexagon and Pentagon pointed to both Microcosm and Macrocosm. ‘The As Above, So Below’ principle of Hermetic Wisdom and the Unity Polyhedron: The Icosahedron (Water) all together signifying ‘The Return of the Water-Bearer/Divine King’. The span of his arms is represented as precisely 6 feet and in fact, the base width of the Da Vinci Square is exactly 7.2 inches (a fractal of 72 inches that IS indeed the FathoM. But I also noticed something about this word: ‘FathoM’ as it appears to be two words combined: Father and Mother (backwards), each Hermetically significant (swipe). The central two letters that connect Father and Mother: the ‘Th’ are likewise very prominent (sometimes ligatured) symbols of ‘Thoth’ in Renaissance Rosicrucian cryptography. And the ‘FathoM’ is used to measure the ‘Depth’ of Water (and WISDOM)….

In Alan Green’s (Bardcode) work on the units of measure embedded within the construction of the Great Pyramid: The Foot(1)+Cubit(1.718)+Meter(3.281), (The Imperial, Ancient, and Metric measurements). All three measurement methods SUM to ONE FATHOM (In Latin: ‘Pater’ and ‘Mater’ (Water-W-M) connected by ‘Thoth’).

Does this ‘Father+Mother’ Measurement represent the Sum of all that is ‘Knowable’? All that mankind can embrace/comprehend and ‘fathom’ about this incredible Universe?