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DEEP Thoughts this Friday, May 7th, 2021 (Also the Three-Year Anniversary since discovering the AΩ on the Sarcophagus Rim in the Great Pyramid): ONE UNIVERSAL THOUGHT: For any given Female (x) and Male (y) numerical values, the Universe Sums (x+y) to create the Side (Slopes) of a Triangle; it simultaneously uses their Difference (y-x) to inform the Triangle’s Base value, and it uses the Square Root of their Product ((x*y)^.5) to inform the Height of the Triangle. Thus, ALL Triangles are the result of a simultaneous THREE-FOLD Equation of at least Two Numbers (without exception): x and y. This will always be TRUE for any given Triangle. This means that ALL Triangles have “Parents” and each of these parents can likewise be traced to their root origin (continue the aforementioned process). As all geometric forms can be broken into Right Triangles, it follows that all Geometric Forms can likewise be traced to their parental origins. Is it possible that Geometry (therefore) might actually represent a “Blockchain Compression” that possesses ‘Origin’ information for ALL THAT IS? Type “YES” if you believe it is or “NO” if not?