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NEW DISCOVERIES RELATED TO A UNIFYING THEORY of Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Natural Sciences and Art based upon: ONE Thought = The Triangle Projected as a Quaternity of Expression using a simple X and Y Grid, informing one ‘Real’ plane of numbers and three Imaginary Planes (negative values). In terms of Polarity shifts, a simple 90° rotation yields Polarity charges (See Maxwell’s Equations: this is precisely why Magnetism expresses at a perpendicular (90° alternating positions) offset to Electricity.

For any given values X and Y, the Universe will represent these values in the form of a Triangle (Equilateral or Isosceles) which will inform its Base (Difference of Y-X); its Height (Product of (X*Y)^.5; and its upper Side (Slopes) (Sum of X+Y). This Equilateral (or Isosceles) Triangle can always be broken into Self-Similar Right Triangles forming the basis of all Universal Fractal Structures (and without exception). Further, this phenomenon also explains why Gravity and Radiation both adhere to the Inverse Square Law (derived from a Square of the Difference between the Hypotenuse and the Height of its inherent Right Triangular relationship).

Additionally, all Musical Chords, Keys and Intervals are expressed exclusively in triangular forms, culminating into the Cuboctahedron (which inherent square faces are also broken easily into infinite fractals of expression. As Right Triangles also form the foundation of Spirality, through the ratio of their (Hypotenuse/Height)^n, which inform a modular configuration of exponential and logarithmic spirals also revealing the inherency of scalar waves to all transverse waves (and vice versa). Thus, this Right Triangle Geometric Unity model informs all matter, sound, light, mass, gravity, radiation, magnetism, energy and TIME as well as referencing dimensions of perception (observer) and explaining the geometric configuration of all elementary ‘matter’ and its periodicity. We know from Thales Theorem that the Hypotenuse of every right triangle will perfectly inform a Diameter of a Circle which will perfectly inscribe the third point of said triangle.