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When the Heights of Prime Factorization Right Triangles are equilibrated to the value of ONE, (Eg: commencing from 7 and including all primes up to 149 (and infinitely beyond as well)), the Hypotenuse of a Prime Factorization Right Triangle will ALWAYS intersect a Flower-of-Life or Polygonal (exclusively Square, Triangle and Circle of EQUAL AREA VALUES) intersections (or BOTH).

On the left and right sides, the small Yellow Circles represent Polygonal Intersections and the Small Green circles (Left side only) mark the intersections of Hypotenuse and FOL intersections. On the right, the Small Red circles represent the FOL intersections and their intersecting Hypotenuse value, which FOL intersections are based exclusively on intervals (multiples) of 1/432. This means that Prime Factorization is “FIXED” within the Universe’s structure of Space and Time (Spacetime).

Buckle in and hold on to your hats…