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NEW GEOMETRIC DISCOVERY: The Stellated ‘Dual’ Solid of the very recently discovered ‘Granthahedron,’ (The first Penatgonal Hexakaidecahedron.’ ‘Dual Solids’ are created by connecting the center points of a polyhedron and thus expressed in a stellated form. This one yielded 32 Triangular sides.

I’m still working on the details on this one and will also need to confirm it with a physical model to ensure it ‘closes’ but I am quite confident it will on close inspection. This one certainly has a 5-6 feel to it and has a somewhat ‘stylized’ yet decidedly Icosahedron-vibe…..*NOTE the ‘radical’ side triangle pentagonal representation center for 8 of the (irregular) Pentagonal stellations as well as 8 (regular) Pentagonal stellations.

I have a feeling that there are many more entirely new geometries that will form the new Geometries and new awareness related to the Fifth-Dimensional consciousness evolution happening right now. For each up-leveling of consciousness, a higher understanding of both mathematical and geometry must and always will accompany such leaps in consciousness expansion. The same thing happened during the Renaissance over 500 years ago.


Art by RG.