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The 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle is inherent to the Flower of Life…..AND it is the PRECISE foundational geometry upon which the Giza Plateau’s Center Pyramid (“Khafre”: the Dynastic Pharaoh credited with its construction (and the Great Sphinx) though no mummies/burial artifacts were ever found there) is constructed with its very unique 53.13° (a perfect match to the 3-4-5 Right Triangle) slope angle versus the Great Pyramid’s slope angle of 51.84°. Due to its positioning on the Plateau and its slightly steeper slope angle, Khafre even appears to be taller than the Great Pyramid, though it is not. Khafre Height: 448 feet Today (original 470.79 feet (274 Royal Egyptian “RE” Cubits 1.718 feet = 1 Cubit). The Great Pyramid’s (Khufu) Original Height: 481 feet (280 RE Cubits = 5772 inches = The Euler Mascheroni Constant γ = 0.5772)…..So, the Great Pyramid is taller than Khafre by exactly 6 cubits…..and just how many meters is 6 RE Cubits? Well, as the conversion ratio is 1 RE Cubit = 0.5236 (π/6) Meters, 6 RE Cubits = 3.14159 Meters. That is exactly π (3.14159), 4,000+ years before the French Meter was even invented? Wait what? I thought the Pyramids were constructed around the time ‘The Wheel’ was discovered and thus without the knowledge of the Pythagorean Theorem/3-4-5 Right Triangle (Khafre lived approximately 2,000 before Pythagoras) and π wasn’t even supposed to be “known” yet at that time?


  • We must consider that many works of incalculable beauty and stable structure were built from the so-called magic squares, perhaps without knowledge of irrational numbers and infinitesimal calculus. Rosslyn Chapel is an example of what I claim. Let’s not forget that we learn through natural algorithms. The “Forms” contain a large part of knowledge and it is enough to be an observer to establish ideas like the one you have now regarding the great pyramid and the Pythagorean theorem also related to Fermat’s last theorem … Pyramids enclose energy fields in logarithmic spiral shape dimensional portal creators but everything works with codes. Mathematics is the tool that provides us with these codes, 3,4 and 5 is an example of this, as you have explained very well. I love what you write !!!