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The 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle is inherent to the Flower of Life…..AND it is the PRECISE foundational geometry upon which the Giza Plateau’s Center Pyramid (“Khafre”: the Dynastic Pharaoh credited with its construction (and the Great Sphinx) though no mummies/burial artifacts were ever found there) is constructed with its very unique 53.13° (a perfect match to the 3-4-5 Right Triangle) slope angle versus the Great Pyramid’s slope angle of 51.84°. Due to its positioning on the Plateau and its slightly steeper slope angle, Khafre even appears to be taller than the Great Pyramid, though it is not. Khafre Height: 448 feet Today (original 470.79 feet (274 Royal Egyptian “RE” Cubits 1.718 feet = 1 Cubit). The Great Pyramid’s (Khufu) Original Height: 481 feet (280 RE Cubits = 5772 inches = The Euler Mascheroni Constant γ = 0.5772)…..So, the Great Pyramid is taller than Khafre by exactly 6 cubits…..and just how many meters is 6 RE Cubits? Well, as the conversion ratio is 1 RE Cubit = 0.5236 (π/6) Meters, 6 RE Cubits = 3.14159 Meters. That is exactly π (3.14159), 4,000+ years before the French Meter was even invented? Wait what? I thought the Pyramids were constructed around the time ‘The Wheel’ was discovered and thus without the knowledge of the Pythagorean Theorem/3-4-5 Right Triangle (Khafre lived approximately 2,000 before Pythagoras) and π wasn’t even supposed to be “known” yet at that time?

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