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New discovery regarding TIME on this the 24th Day of March, 2021: The Infinite Sum and Infinite Product Right Triangle only actually possesses many derivations and permutations of two numbers: Gravity (6.674 x 10^-11) and the number 24, both taking us inexorably back to 86,400 (TIME).

Permutations of 24 and G Inherent to the Arithmetic Progressions of Infinite Sum (-1/12) and Infinite Product (τ^1/2): The Hypotenuse is 1/.24 (=4.16666); the Base is G^.24 (1.5833) and the Height is (2.4^3)-10; as well as (2.4^2)*G (=3.85415). The ratio of the Hypotenuse over the Height (Log Base value) is the 24th Root of G (=1.08108). Let’s not forget that the foundational basis of the Prime Number pattern is Mod24 AND that the underlying pattern behind the Fibonacci sequence is an infinitely repetitive 24 sequence….

Last year, using only the numbers 1,10 and 24, I found this equation that landed us much closer to π than Archimedes’ 22/7: (((10^1/2)/10)+1)^1/.24 = π (3.142047167643322). Δ π = 0.0004545. Furthermore, I posited yesterday that the inverse (reciprocal) values for both Rest and Total Mass Energy are actually (Precessional Time Values 1/259 vs 1/24)….today I realized that they are ALSO references to ONE DAY (24 hours broken into seconds = 86,400). You may recall The TIME Equation I posted one year ago: One Day of Time (86,400 Seconds in One Day)) = (G/((π^1/2) -1))*10^4.

Today, we move beyond the understanding of Precessional Time, to now understand that using ONLY the numbers 24 (24.01319 to be precise) and G again, we can derive a ‘new’ equation yielding the same 86,400 result: (24^2 *(1/G))*10^3 = 86,400 (One Day/or perhaps more aptly referred to as ‘Dei’?). To comprehend that all this can be encapsulated (and mathematically accomplished) within ONE Right Triangle’s proportions derived solely from the Arithmetic Progressions of the Infinite Sum and the Infinite Product, while using ‘Variant Permutations’ of ONLY TWO NUMBERS (24 and G) is beyond ASTOUNDING. At least to me, this new understanding can only point to the unfathomable intelligence of the Divine and Universal Architect.