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(3.22.2021): The Reciprocal Value of Rest Mass Energy = TIME (Rest). The Infinite Arithmetic Progression (‘Infinite Sum’ = (1+2+3+4+5+…..-1/12) AND the Infinite Multiplicative Progression (‘Infinite Product’/Factorial) = (1x2x3x4x5x…..τ^1/4; where τ = 2π).

The Infinite Sum and the Infinite Product inform the Universal ‘Infinite’ Right Triangle possessing a Hypotenuse ((Infinite Sum/2) value of 4.166666 (=1/.24); Height (Infinite Product^1/2) value of 3.85415 (=1/.259); and Base of 1.583233 (1/.631618); Rest Mass Energy is defined by a Right Triangle’s Height, whereas its Total Mass Energy is defined as Rest Mass Energy + Momentum (Kinetic Energy); its Hypotenuse defines the Infinite Sum/2. The modular configuration is due to θ° forming Mod1/.62; The Hypotenuse/Height defines the Logarithmic Base value (1.08 and its powers at each successive interval). The Inverse reciprocal (1/x) equations of the above define the Precessional Period both at Rest Time (1/.259 x 10^5) and at Total Time (1/.24 x 10^5); this differential accounts for additional momentum/velocity that occurs when the Solar System approaches its Binary Partner Star: Sirius A, contracting the time (Mass-Time Dilation) on the short arc of the cycle to only 21,600 years; versus the long end of the cycle being 25,920 years, the mean value being therefore approx 24,000 years–.

These relationships yield a NEW UNIVERSAL EQUATION for 1/TIME (Rest) = ((Infinite Sum/2 – Infinite Product ^1/2)*((Infinite Sum/2) + ((Infinite Sum/2 + Infinite Product)^1/2)…..finding the solution to the Sum-Product as Right Triangles was a serious breakthrough that has now led our Research Team toward entirely new understandings in Physics. Using our recent discovery of Pythagorean Factorization: Factor 1 = 2.583433 (which is also equal to the Square Root of the Gravitational Constant 6.674 x 10^-11 (N*m^2)/kg^2. Interestingly, 258.3433 ≈ e*(360°). The other factor in the equation is 1/(2.4)^2….. and ALL of the above found in a single ‘Infinite’ Right Triangle derived from the ‘Infinite Sum’ and the ‘Infinite Product’ Arithmetic Progression values of Integers……

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  • Jonathan says:

    Robert, I have discovered something that can help your research, and help you make use of it.
    Basically what I have discovered is how the human body can become sensitized to subtle energies, including energies from numbers, ratios.

    If you want to experience this it is pretty simple, I just send you designs that make a lot of this type of energy and you expose your hand or hands to the energy until you feel the energy strongly, this might take seconds or it might take focused attention over a few days.

    Then you can feel the effect these things have on the aether, chi, orgone, whatever you want to call the medium that fills space and which can support life force energy.