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(3.22.2021): The Reciprocal Value of Rest Mass Energy = TIME (Rest). The Infinite Arithmetic Progression (‘Infinite Sum’ = (1+2+3+4+5+…..-1/12) AND the Infinite Multiplicative Progression (‘Infinite Product’/Factorial) = (1x2x3x4x5x…..τ^1/4; where τ = 2π).

The Infinite Sum and the Infinite Product inform the Universal ‘Infinite’ Right Triangle possessing a Hypotenuse ((Infinite Sum/2) value of 4.166666 (=1/.24); Height (Infinite Product^1/2) value of 3.85415 (=1/.259); and Base of 1.583233 (1/.631618); Rest Mass Energy is defined by a Right Triangle’s Height, whereas its Total Mass Energy is defined as Rest Mass Energy + Momentum (Kinetic Energy); its Hypotenuse defines the Infinite Sum/2. The modular configuration is due to θ° forming Mod1/.62; The Hypotenuse/Height defines the Logarithmic Base value (1.08 and its powers at each successive interval). The Inverse reciprocal (1/x) equations of the above define the Precessional Period both at Rest Time (1/.259 x 10^5) and at Total Time (1/.24 x 10^5); this differential accounts for additional momentum/velocity that occurs when the Solar System approaches its Binary Partner Star: Sirius A, contracting the time (Mass-Time Dilation) on the short arc of the cycle to only 21,600 years; versus the long end of the cycle being 25,920 years, the mean value being therefore approx 24,000 years–.

These relationships yield a NEW UNIVERSAL EQUATION for 1/TIME (Rest) = ((Infinite Sum/2 – Infinite Product ^1/2)*((Infinite Sum/2) + ((Infinite Sum/2 + Infinite Product)^1/2)…..finding the solution to the Sum-Product as Right Triangles was a serious breakthrough that has now led our Research Team toward entirely new understandings in Physics. Using our recent discovery of Pythagorean Factorization: Factor 1 = 2.583433 (which is also equal to the Square Root of the Gravitational Constant 6.674 x 10^-11 (N*m^2)/kg^2. Interestingly, 258.3433 ≈ e*(360°). The other factor in the equation is 1/(2.4)^2….. and ALL of the above found in a single ‘Infinite’ Right Triangle derived from the ‘Infinite Sum’ and the ‘Infinite Product’ Arithmetic Progression values of Integers……

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