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Universal Mathematics is a Ratio and Perception/Based (‘Self-Similar’ at all Scales) Programming Language comprised of Circular Wave (with Inscribed Geometries) Intersections inherent to the Flower of Life matrix. The Flower of Life (and by extension, Metatron’s Cube) IS the Codex/Rosetta Stone to comprehending this Universal Language. Observations: 1. Only the CORRECT Factoring Right Triangle will produce a Perfect Square value for its Hypotenuse length (in the example above = 324^.5 = 18 (NOT a fractional result). This means that only a perfect Prime Factorization will yield Perfect Square values for each of the three sides of a Right Triangle, whereas all other Right Triangle configurations can only produce a maximum of TWO such perfect square value sides.

Along these lines, ALL 1/(B) separations Lengths of side (A)) will produce Integer square root values for side (C), with each 1/(B) increment increasing the root value by an ascending ODD Number. (See the above Right Triangle with Side (A) = 1; Side (C) = 300^.5 (Root300); with the next Triangle: (A)= 2; (C)= 303^.5 (Root303, which is 3 greater than the prior Triangle (Left). This sequence continues infinitely. Finally, note that all 1/(B) separations of Side (A) length are marked by multiple Two Circle Intersections (Orange and Magenta circles).

Science IRREVOCABLY PROVES the Architecture/ARCHITECT as well as the Principle of NON-RANDOMNESS.

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